branden-artist-photoI have been drawing things ever since I was little. My mother never put the crayons away, because I was always using them. I started out with pencil, then progressed to Prisma-color pencils. About seven years ago, I started painting with acrylics on canvas. That is my favorite medium to work with. I would say that I’m self-taught, never taking any formal art schooling. What started me doing automotive art on canvas was working along side my father in his restoration shop since 1982, and being around classic and antique cars my whole life. Going to car shows, auctions, and restoring numerous Ford Model A’s, Mustangs, and a ’65 Chevelle have just added to my passion for classic vehicles. Classic cars are one of the most recognizable and memorable icons of American history. I love the close-up views and design aspects of these cars. Take for instance the towering tail fins of a ’59 Cadillac, or the menacing grille of a ’65 Mustang GT. The designers of classic and muscle cars were truly artists back in the day. I just try to bring out those features in my work. I learn techniques from other artists, but put my own style in each piece. I love rendering subtle reflections and bright chrome!

My family and faith in Jesus Christ gives me the inspiration to do what I do in life and in art. Painting vehicle backgrounds like mountains, a beach, or a sunset sky all remind me of the Master Artist. Thank you for stopping by my site! Commissions are gladly accepted! If you have a classic, antique, or hot rod, feel free to give me a call, or email me to discuss your ideas.

Branden Hochstetler